Crowns & Bridges
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Dental crowns are tooth-colored caps that are made to fit over a single tooth and instantly enhance its appearance and provide additional support and protection. Dental bridges look like three or more dental crowns that are attached together, and they can be used for many of the same reasons as dental crowns, as well as for replacing missing teeth. Want to learn more about dental bridges and crowns and how they can serve your smile? Contact our office today!

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What are dental crowns and bridges used for?

Dental crowns and bridges are used for a variety of cosmetic and restorative purposes. Common reasons include:

  • Protect a tooth from further damage
  • Strengthen teeth weakened by decay
  • Support and hold damaged teeth together
  • Cover misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Replace a missing tooth or teeth (dental bridges)

How are dental crowns and bridges placed?

Before a dental crown or bridge can be placed, any teeth that will be covered by the restoration must be reshaped so that the restoration will fit over them without looking or feeling bulky. A local anesthetic is always utilized to completely numb the teeth and gums before this is done to ensure a comfortable experience for the patient. Impressions are then taken and used to create a custom bridge or crown, and a temporary restoration is placed. An additional visit will be scheduled to remove the temporary restoration, place the permanent one, and ensure that everything looks and feels great.

Do I need a dental bridge or a crown?

Neither treatment option is better than the other, they are simply utilized by different patients for different reasons. If a single tooth needs to be protected or cosmetically enhanced by a dental restoration, crowns are typically recommended, as they don’t require any additional teeth to be modified. Dental bridges can work well for patients who need many teeth in a row to be restored, or if they are looking for a minimally-invasive way to replace a missing tooth. Our team would be happy to assess your smile and provide you with the ideal treatment option for you!

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