KöR Teeth Whitening
in Broken Arrow, OK

Professional teeth whitening can enhance your smile from dull to bright in no time! At Lynn Lane Family Dentistry, we believe patients deserve smiles that they feel confident about, and our teeth whitening treatments are designed to help you achieve a bright, beautiful smile that you’ll love. If you’re interested in learning more about our affordable teeth whitening services or scheduling your next appointment, please contact us!

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The KöR Whitening Difference

Our office utilizes KöR professional teeth whitening, and one of the main differences that sets these treatments apart from others is the fact that KöR whitening gel is refrigerated from the time that it is created up until it is ready to be used. This helps keep the gel fresh and potent, which leads to more effective teeth whitening. Keeping the gel cold also means that chemical stabilizers are not necessary to keep the treatments effective, and these stabilizers are what typically lead to tooth sensitivity post-treatment. With KöR whitening, patients can look forward to beautifully white smiles and very little to no tooth sensitivity!

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Who is eligible for professional teeth whitening?

Virtually any patient who wants their smile to be brighter is a candidate for professional teeth whitening! If you have some advanced restorative dental work coming up, we may recommend that you wait until it is completed or almost completed before scheduling a teeth whitening treatment. If you are having a crown placed or a partial denture designed, however, we may advise you to schedule a teeth whitening treatment first so that the color of your dental restoration can be made to match your newly whitened smile.

Is KöR Whitening Expensive?

KöR whitening tends to be more of an investment than over-the-counter teeth whitening products and alternative whitening treatments. While many dental insurance plans don’t offer coverage for teeth whitening, our office accepts FSAs, HSAs, and CareCredit®, which can offer patients a more budget-friendly way to finance their cosmetic care. Have a financial question or concern for our team? Please contact us!

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