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New Patients

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When you choose Lynn Lane Family Dentistry as your dental provider, you can trust we will take great care of you and your oral health. We want to know more about you, your past dental experiences, and any goals you have in mind for your smile. We reserve exclusive time just for you because it is important to us that you have plenty of time to get to know our team and ask any questions you may have.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to stay on schedule, and we refuse to waste our patients’ time because we know it’s valuable. Unlike many medical and dental offices, ours do not double book appointment times. Your appointment is reserved for one patient: you. We don’t jump from room to room like you sometimes see in busy clinics.

Of course not everything is predictable or controllable, and unforeseen events can push our schedule back from time to time. What is predictable, however, is our constant level of dedication to seeing patients on time, every time. We hope you’ll come in and experience our gold standard of on-time scheduling and one-on-one patient care!

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

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Patient Testimonials

We appreciate feedback from our patients and strive to always make your time with us as enjoyable as possible!

The entire staff at Lynn Lane Dentistry is "first class" in every aspect. The professionalism and skill level is tops. They meet you with a friendly smile and make you feel so comfortable from the time you enter the office until the moment you leave. Dr. Holleman is without a doubt, the very best dentist I have ever known. She makes sure that your service is prompt and on time, but you never feel rushed. It is always a real treat to go to the dentist at Lynn Lane, and that’s coming from an old man who has never liked going to the dentist ever. I can’t say enough about the experience you will get every time you visit Lynn Lane Family Dentistry. Dr. Holleman, what you do is way above the norm. What you have done for me, and what you have done for others, truly is "life changing." You have the ability to enhance someone’s life well beyond their imagination. I have so much respect for your toughness and business-like attitude in the way you run your office. I have a tremendous amount of admiration for the passion that you display in your skills as a dentist and as a leader to your staff. But above all things, the quality that continues to impress me the most about you, is your "compassion" for others. "Passion without compassion" means very little to me. You are the best, and I don't say that lightly. I love you so much for what you have done for me in my life, and I will continue to try to repay you the only way I know how, and that is by trying to tell everyone how "amazing" you truly are.

Mark H.

Just got my first cleaning and crown. Love the entire office. Dr. Holleman and her assistant go above and beyond to keep you comfortable and at ease. No surprises. She is such a professional, never have I had a dentist hand me a mirror and check the crown (or filling) for color. She asked me if I was pleased with the shade before she put it on permanently. From the hygienist (who is fantastic) to the front office and the entire staff, I can’t say enough positive things. I would advise anyone to give this office and Dr. Holleman a try, especially if you are anxious about dental work. Every time I have had an appointment, I received a personal call from Dr. Holleman the following day to check up on me. I am not an ideal patient and have no love of dental procedures, so this is an A+++ review coming from me!

Victoria W.

I normally don't write reviews, but in the case of Dr. Holleman and her team at Lynn Lane Family Dentistry, I feel the need to. They treat us like family each and every time we have a checkup with them. The cleanliness inside the location is second to none. Very efficient and thorough with teeth cleaning. It’s hard to find any business these days that provides the outstanding service as they do. She also did a great job with my Invisalign. Would highly recommend Dr. Holleman and her team!

Clint D.

A great experience and dental care usually doesn’t go together, but that was just what I experienced as a patient of Dr. Valerie Holleman. She is professional, knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about taking care of her patients. I experienced all of those qualities as a patient of hers. My case was rather difficult, but Dr. Holleman caringly walked me through my case, and I am totally satisfied with the service that I received from her. I will continue to go to Dr. Holleman for all my dental needs. A professional, caring, and overall great dentist is hard to find and I am grateful that I found one‚Ķmy dentist, Dr. Valerie Holleman.

Michael S.

I am so excited to hear that you (Dr. Holleman) will be practicing dentistry in Broken Arrow. I could not ask for a more caring dentist that takes so much pride in her work. Thanks for taking such good care of me. I’m a patient for life.

Kim E.

Dr. Holleman is the absolute best! I had been going to a different dentist for years and didn’t realize what bad dentistry and service I had been receiving! I am so glad I found her. When she told me all the dental work I was needing after seeing my X-rays I was very nervous since I had had such a bad experience with my previous dentist. Her professionalism and laid back atmosphere really calmed my nerves! Thanks to Dr. Holleman I have so much more confidence in my smile and she has made the experience of going to the dentist enjoyable and pain free. Her staff is equally as professional and friendly as she is and I will never go anywhere else! Thank you Dr. Holleman for all the work you’ve done and making my teeth the most beautiful they have ever been!

Caysie B.

As a child, visits to the dentist were not a priority in my house, unless I was in pain. When I did go to the dentist, the work was left unfinished or the crowns broke, leaving me to deal with almost daily irritation and a sensitivity to anything I ate. As a young adult, I had several problems that needed immediate attention. I have also always been extremely self-conscious about my smile. My teeth were embarrassing and crooked. Because of all of my dental problems, braces were out of the question. I was referred to Dr. Holleman by a friend about three years ago. I had lots of anxiety about going to any dentist because of past experiences. On my first visit, I was almost in tears because I was so embarrassed. Dr. Holleman was so understanding and patient with me. She quickly helped me relax and made me feel at ease. She took the time to talk with me about some of my issues. She assured me that my teeth could be fixed and that braces were a definite possibility. Honestly, I did not believe her, but after she developed a treatment plan that worked for me, she started with the teeth that needed the most attention. At each visit, she explained in detail what she was going to be doing. She showed me my x-rays and made sure I understood what was going on so that I felt more comfortable. Within a few months, all of the work was done and she referred me to an Orthodontist! I am so grateful to Dr. Holleman and I have every confidence in her as a dentist. I appreciate the time she gives me at each visit as well as the excellent treatment she gives all of her patients. Currently, I have braces and I like that when I see her every six months for my check up she says that everything looks great! It’s so nice to hear that the work she has done holds up and she doesn’t make up new problems that aren’t really there. Thank you, Dr Holleman!!

Kim N.

Dr. Holleman and her staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. Dr. Holleman considers all options and what is best for the patient. The factor I appreciate most is the entire staff is very accommodating. They meet your needs and schedules. You will appreciate the experience and care that she gives you.

Steve S.

I never knew I could actually enjoy my dental visits. Dr. Holleman is simply a gem in the world of dentistry. She combines experience, finesse, and an upbeat environment with family values. And as always, she surrounds herself with dynamite staff so that from the door to the chair, the experience will be second-to-none. You’re the best, and I don’t mind telling people about it!

Benjamin T.

It is difficult to move to a different place and find a good dentist that can take care of all your needs. I have found Dr. Holleman to be highly skilled, precise, knowledgeable, and caring. She has done quite a bit of dental work for me including 2 implants. Having worked for an oral surgeon and a dentist in the past I am aware of the processes in dentistry and am more than comfortable with her as my dentist and welcome her back.

Cindy W.

Very clean, relaxing environment. Brand new high tech equipment. Friendly staff. Dr. Valerie Holleman is professional, knowledgeable, caring, and fun to boot! I highly recommend Lynn Lane Family Dentistry.

Debbie E.

I ABSOLUTELY hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Holleman has made going to the dentist FUN again! Her professionalism, bed-side manner, and approach to dentistry has actually made it LESS PAINFUL.  I am most definitely a fan!

Micheal G.

On entering Lynn Lane Family Dentistry for the first time, I was struck by the immaculate, inviting, tastefully decorated waiting lounge complete with an array of glossy (and current) magazines. Tashina, the office coordinator, greeted me warmly, and after I had completed the forms that she had given me, I nestled into one of the comfortable chairs and began to peruse one of the magazines. Within just a few minutes, Jodie, the dental assistant, called me back, and while she was completing her prep, we chatted amicably, and I was immediately comfortable and at ease due to her friendly nature and capable assistance.

I was equally impressed with Dr. Holleman when she arrived a few minutes later. She was warm and sincere in her greeting and instantly quelled my nervousness about being at the dentists office. Like many people, my aversion to visiting the dentist is rooted in negative, even terrifying childhood experiences with dentists who did not take the time to ease my fears by explaining procedures, taking measures to minimize pain, or providing a nurturing environment. By contrast, Dr. Holleman has an incredibly gentle approach to her patients. She understands instinctively the fears that often accompany dental visits and makes a point of creating a comfortable, relaxing climate. She performed an extremely thorough examination of my teeth and then discussed with me in detail her evaluation of my dental needs, pointing to places on my X-rays to illustrate her points. I was impressed with the way in which she and Jodie worked as a team, seamlessly handling instruments and communicating information in an extremely sanitary and professional manner. When I asked questions, she listened carefully and answered honestly and thoroughly, and not once did I detect a note of impatience or condescension in her voice, she was genuinely a partner in my care.

During the actual procedures, Dr. Holleman once again took the time to communicate effectively about the process and stressed that I should indicate by a raised hand if I felt pain or discomfort at any point. Jodie had desensitized my gums with numbing gel, so I felt little pain when Dr. Holleman injected the anesthesia. And I felt no pain during the procedure and was even amusedly distracted by Dr. Holleman’s tendency to hum gently when she is working. Every few minutes, she inquired about how I was doing, once again placing a premium on my comfort. Following the procedure, she explained carefully what she had done and what I should expect regarding short and long term prognoses. And she again took the time to answer my questions and to provide follow-up care instructions.

The day after my procedure, Dr. Holleman phoned me to ask how I was feeling, a personal touch and level of care that I have never before experienced with any other health care professional. And when I called the office a week later to express concern about pain in my jaw, Dr. Holleman called me back and fit me into her busy schedule the very next day. Jodie took some additional X-rays, and Dr. Holleman performed another thorough examination and expertly made a few adjustments of my filling and crown by the next day, the pain was gone. With my previous crown, I had never been able to chew comfortably, and after repeated and unsatisfactory adjustments from a previous dentist, I finally resigned myself to not being able to use that side of my mouth. With my new crown from Dr. Holleman, I am finally able to chew without nerve pain or any sort of discomfort.

Dr. Holleman and the staff at Lynn Lane Family Dentistry are committed, caring professionals who provide stellar, patient-centered care. My family and I are very lucky to be a part of their practice.

Jan W.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

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We strive to remove financial barriers, keep our prices competitive, and ensure that all our patients and their families receive the treatment they need when they need it! Call our office for more details!

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Dental insurance, cash, personal checks, and debit cards are also accepted.


CareCreditSM is a financing program that lets you break down the the cost of treatment into low monthly, interest-free payments. Everyone’s monthly expenses are different, so CareCredit offers a variety of plan options so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

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We are happy to help you maximize your dental insurance benefits. We are in network with most major PPO insurance companies, and we accept many smaller PPO dental plans, too! We can also explain your benefits, process claims, and track claim payments. We want to help you get through all the insurance red tape. Please contact us about your specific insurance if you have any questions!

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

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