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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

November 24, 2022 6:15 pm

Having a white smile can boost your confidence and help you feel more comfortable smiling in pictures, talking to strangers, and even asking your boss for a raise. After whitening your teeth, you’ll want your results to last as long as possible! In this blog post, we explain how to get long-lasting results from teeth whitening.

The Difference Between Teeth Whitening Methods

Not all teeth whitening methods are created equal. Whitening your teeth at home with some DIY recipe you found on the internet isn’t going to give you the same results as if you bought a whitening kit at the drugstore. You may even end up with some painful tooth sensitivity and irritated gums. While an over-the-counter kit from the store is safer than an online DIY concoction, you may only see mild improvement that leaves you feeling disappointed.

When you get your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist, you can expect a dramatic improvement in the color and uniformity of your smile. This method is the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient way to brighten your smile. Your whiter smile will last you anywhere between six months to three years depending on how you care for your smile and if you do any touch-up treatments.

How to Prolong Your Whitening Results

After professional teeth whitening, there are some things you can do to make the results last as long as possible. Keep up with brushing your teeth every day, two times a day for two minutes each time. Limit foods and beverages that can stain and erode your teeth like coffee, tea, wine, soda, candy, and balsamic vinegar. If you consume them, rinse your mouth with water afterwards and/or chew some sugar-free gum, which will stimulate saliva flow. Saliva helps to wash away particles from the teeth.

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